Questions to Ask Your Business Insurance Provider Before Purchasing

You already know how importance coverage is for your business. Problem is, there are so many providers out there and so many policies to choose from. How would you know which insurance agent or broker to use, and which coverage type to purchase? Ask your agent some of our suggested questions, and use the answers to come to a decision.

How much experience do you have?

Experience can give you some idea about the insurance provider under consideration. If their years in the industry are limited, they will be eager to get you started and offer more help and support. If they are well established and a number of years in the field.

Do you have any references or testimonials?

If the insurance provider can show you some references or testimonials, it implies that their clients are happy and satisfied.

Keep in mind that most brokers would only give you contact details for happy clients only. So do check the internet as well for online reviews.

Who will manage your business?

Insurance providers have a support team behind them. While you should know your agent well, it is equally important that you know who else they work with. If there is an emergency and you can’t reach out to your agent, you’ll have to get help from their team.

Also find out if your policy will be handled local or though the headquarters, and the procedure to get the help you need.

How long will it take for your problems to be resolved?

If your need is urgent, then how quickly should you expect a response? The answer to this question helps you figure out if that is reasonable to you. If you are buying a policy for the first time, you need more questions answered in a timely manner to help speed decisions.

Do you offer customized policies?

Small businesses often need policies tailored to their personal requirements, but some of the providers won’t be willing to flex their plans. If you need a customized policy, you should find a broker who can modify their standard plans according to your needs with the coverage you want, without having to stack policies which adds to costs.

Do you assess risks?

Even if the agent doesn’t get into details, they should still give you some quick suggestions to mitigate risks. And if they are diligent, they may even assess your financial situation and give you advice.